Fakhri Kareem Al-Bagdadi

Associate Professor

B.V.M.S. University of Baghdad (Iraq) 
M.S. Royal College of Denmark 
M.S. Iowa State University 
Ph.D. University of Illinois 

Phone: (225) 578-9886

Office: Rm 2516 Vet. Med.

E-Mail: albagdadi@vetmed.lsu.edu


Recent Publications:

Al-Bagdadi, F.K., Seger, C.L., Henry, R.W. 2006, Acute lymphoblast leukemia in sheep induced by inoculation of bovien leukemia virus: Diagnostic electron microscopic morphological study. Ultrastructural Pathology 30:85-94.

Abalkhail, A., Bani Hani, I., Al-Bagdadi, F., Abu-Ghalyun, Y. 2006, The morphology of the testicular tissue of unilateral inguinal cryptochid testes in children: Electron microscopic study, Bahrain Medical Bulletin 28:122-125.

Al-Bagdadi, F.K., Eilts, B.E., Richardson, G.F. 2004, Sacnning electron microscopy of the endometrium of mares infused with gentamicin. Microscopy and Microanalysis. 10:280-285.

Farooqui, S., Al-Bagdadi, F., Houslay, M., Bolger, G., Stout, R., Specian, R., Cherry, J., Conti, M., and O'Donnell, M., 2001. Surgicall induced crytorchidism-related degenerative changes in spermatogonia are associated with loss of cyclic adenosin monophosphate-dependent phosphodiesterases type 4 abdominal testes of rats. Biology of reproduction 64:1583-1589.

Hailat, N., Johnson, R., Al-Bagdadi, F., and Hanash, S. 1995. Proliferating cell nuclear antigen expression in sheep infected with bovine leukemia virus. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 8:372-379.